Due to the recent events, we decided to share the news for the last month. If we recall how our affairs were a month ago, then the picture would look like this: we have no clients, few people knew about the product, no help was implemented, no contract was signed with the National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'​... What do we have a month later?)

At the moment, we have actively participated in several events, where we talked about our product, established contact with potential customers, with whom we are discussing the details of cooperation, completed the inquiry, and are at the final stage of signing the contract.

Quite recently there was an event where I met with the CEO of AXDRAFT (an Onit company), Yuri Zaremba. It was the conversation with him about the value of the company that gave reason to think about the fact that over the past month we have multiplied this figure several times. We have developed our product and continue to develop every day, attracting new customers and developing new functionality. If you want to help us develop even faster - contact us!)

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