In addition to the previous post, we want to share the good news with you! At the “Science & Business Startup Bootcamp” event, except for gaining new knowledge, we successfully promoted our product.

Thus, several representatives from different universities of Ukraine became so interested in our system that we exchanged contacts and arranged a personal meeting outside the event.

On the first day, we talked with the representative of Kyiv Academic University, Antonyuk Alexandra about the possible introduction of our ecosystem in their educational institution, with the representative of Sumy University, Victoria, who also promised to spread information about our product to friends from other parts of the country. The most unexpected event was that after the boot camp closed, students approached us - they liked our pitch and product so much that they decided to offer the administration of their university to cooperate with us!


In fact, this event inspired us! Even despite some, somewhat sad, circumstances, we are once again convinced that our product is needed by students, that we are really implementing something truly grand and important!)

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