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Despite the active development of IT technologies, some problems of universities remain unresolved. Here we are to change it!

UniGroups is the set of microservices for organizing the learning process and improving the lives of both students and teachers. We develop general tools for most universities, as well as for individual orders. Our system will be customized to the needs of your specific educational institution and supported by our professional team all the time of using.

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Online Document Flow

Universities, colleges and other institutions are improving productivity and quality of service with Online Document Flow.

Because of the rapid growth of the demand for distance learning, universities, academies, colleges, and other educational institutions in every corner are changing. This leads to the search for various solutions, including partnerships within educational institutions and research. Budget pressure is forcing them to spend funds, including enrollment of students with an impact on the mind, which must be considered.


Online Document Flow and other technologies related to the occurrence of a situation that occurs remotely. The system is expected to be available because these are not discrete technologies, so using Online Document Flow and tools is one of the most important indicators of resource efficiency. It, in its turn, will surely recruit and then retain the best students and professors. Also, educational institutions are required to implement tools for managing processes and records, the most significant archives.


On average every institution handles hundreds of thousands of documents each year. There are student records, transcripts, student and faculty portfolios, certifications, performance reviews, financial, curriculum records, etc. The volume of files and their security place tremendous strain on office staff members, who are responsible for filing, storing, and searching these documents. Nowadays, the majority of this information is processed with inefficient, manual work, because of the opinion that automation is expensive and using-difficult. Online Document Flow is a valuable and effective solution for document management that will return your investment immediately. We will save your time and money.


With Online Document Flow you can:


customer service across all departments;

Access and manage

student and business documentation anytime and from anyplace;


centralized, secure access to teacher and student records from any location;


paper, paper storage, photocopying, and faxing costs;

Recruit and retain

high quality employees by streamlining human resources processes;


information security and document integrity improving regulatory compliance;

Other Instruments

Every day we are working on expanding the functionality, implementing new tools. At the moment, we have the following functions in development:

Convenient schedule with linking homework and study materials

Visual monitoring of success and calculation of the rating

Integration with Zoom, Google Classroom, Unicheck and other platforms


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Reasons to use our system:

Responsive Design

You can use our product on any device: computer, tablet, phone. The functionality is available everywhere in a convenient interface.


Continuous support of the work of system and servers by a professional team

Security of data

Reliable data protection - all information about the educational institution will be protected.

Customization for needs

The entire system is customized to the needs of your university, taking into account the specifics of the educational process.

Server Stability

We use Google servers, which guarantees reliability, consistency and stability of their work - no failures during the operation of the system.

Сontinuous improvement

We never stop improving our product - we improve existing tools, develop new ones. Using our system, you subscribe to automatic updates.